Catering & Sommelier Services

The Twisted Vine provides the opportunity for clients to host large group events and parties on our own premises or at an off-site location.

Traditional group events

Buffet of pre-arranged food items

Examples include finger foods such as large meat/cheese platters, caprese skewers, and various types of homemade empanadas. Entrees include salads, pastas, and paninis from our dining menu. Please consult the food menus on our website for further options.

Custom beverage bar

Wine (white, red, rosé or sparkling) and/or craft beer.

Sommelier Service

A member of our staff well versed in the particular beverage items selected for the event, able to provide guests with pertinent information on the items selected as well as the greater world of wines and beers.

In addition to these services, party organizers also have the option of adding a formal lecture to their event, where our in-house educator or one of our sommeliers will educate guests on a multitude of topics related to wine and craft beer.

Reservation Requests

Party and event specifications (items and prices) are arranged between clients and our own Event Coordinator. If you would like to inquire about hosting your own event at our restaurant or coordinating something off site.

For more information send emails to
Emails should (at minimum) include the following information:

  • Date desired
  • Time desired
  • Person count (as precise as possible)